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Tips on Counseling Young Couples

Tips on how to counsel young couples.

counseling young couplesDue to differences and conflicts that exist among young couples, the relationship therapist will require mediation skills and also, be ready to play a key part in finding a solution to these problems.

Comfortable environment: Ensure that you have a conducive environment to carry out the session. Begin by asking gradual questions such as; has your partner done something annoying to you?  Give them time to express what has been ailing them as they will be in a position to air out what may be inside their chests.

Finding solution: After airing their problems, help them to figure out how a solution can be found. Solutions to these problems sometimes can be very simple such as if one fails to pick up his or her laundry, then that should begin today.

Recommendations: After they have aired out their problems and solutions, help each one of them to offer an all round solution on the matters raised earlier. Get them to offer an overall recommendation in a summarized manner.

Way forward: let the young couples admit to each other and explain how they will be able to change things so as to create a positive and a promising change in their relationship. Encourage a discussion between them and have them write down how they will be able to do things in a different way.

Cooling their tempers: If it happens that there erupts an argument between them while counseling, listen and raise questions that might help grasp the impact of their actions. Point out the negative issues and do not criticize the person. If it persists just have a break.

Follow-up: Once the couples promises to have their problems solved positively, organize for a follow up meeting to see how far they have gone regarding the counseling recommendations. Stick with them now and then, until they are in a position to solve their issues on their own.

Counseling for Couples can be essential as young couples begin their journey in marriage and children.