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Question: hey
im luooking for someone who does free online counsling cause ive got no other option … i was raped a couple of weeks ago and i really need smeone to help me out … and im thinking of ending my life and im only 15 years old ….
i dont want to speak to someone face to face .. and i waz raped by my school teacher i see him every daii and im soo scard of him

Answer: Hi there. I am sorry to hear what happened to you. If you get in contact with me or search your local listings you may be able to find free help. Here are some numbers that can get you the help you deserve

1-800-784-2433 1-800-273-8255
they even have video based counseling

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  1. jeanimus

    Why do you say youve no other option? I know its hard but the first thing you should do is go to the police. They can put you in touch with victim support who will help you get counselling. I personally wouldnt trust anyone who does it online. Thats not really safe for someone whos vulnerable.

  2. candy

    Call the rape hotline see if they have online – it is all unominous and ask them for advise. I hope you have seen a doctor too – This is a terrible thing that has happened to you . You may even want to look into calling the police- Good luck – stay safe..

  3. rettie_tedie

    I know you don’t want to here this but you should tell your parents and the police. Because if your teacher raped you he has probably rape before or will again. You don’t want this to happen to some other girl. Good luck in getting the help you need.

  4. vici

    just a couple of things to say here,

    i was going to try some free on line counselling and it wasn’t to my liking, the person on the other end was saying it was religious and the person that did it to me had been taken over by the devil, this is not going to work for me, it might help you but just be warned

    secondly, if he raped you he isn’t scared of anything, he could be doing it to others, you have already proved you are a stronger person that some girls by admitting you need elp

    other girls need help too, if you dont help them then who is

    this needs reporting in England you can do this anonymously phone crime stoppers, they take details and not your name, and he will never know it was you who reported this

    please be just that bit stronger, just for other girls who have gone through this but also to help stop more


    my thoughts are with you

    xxx vici

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