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    how can i solve this issue with my husband me and my husband we are a young
    family with three kids 4,2,1..i stay home. so he can go to work ,but he
    thinks whatever money he makes i am only allows to buy food and stuff for
    the house ,even for them he says we are broke but he can go and spend $100
    here and there whatever he wants to buy .and he says he deserves it because
    he works for it.i am so confuse .

  2. eastariel

    A husband told his wife, “Stop doing this and start doing that; stop
    thinking this and start thinking that; stop being yourself and start being
    someone else.” So she left him so he could find someone he liked better.
    But he criticized her for leaving, saying, “I told you to stop thinking for
    yourself! If you had listened to me and thought like me instead, you would
    have never destroyed this marriage.” Her self-esteem was so low by that
    point that she took his advice, returned home, and suffered.

  3. bornblonde9gb

    This is really tough, but i would have to say possibly try to earn some
    while working at home like through Avon or other home business
    opportunities. That is so unfair for your husband to insinuate that he is
    the only one working, those kids don’t get taken care of by themselves, who
    cooks, cleans, washes cloths etc…your hubby needs to watch Madea…sounds
    like u have a job to me. I know it is hard but i would attempt to gain some
    independence for your own benefit & your children’s!

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