15 thoughts on “1 Year Postpartum Update / mom & baby !!

  1. Avital Grin

    Omg i once fell in stairs holding Elianne i felt like a horrible mom lol
    and Elianne wasnt hurt either! Now i know that stuff happen if you want it
    or not and now im trying to be really careful when i go down the stairs, im
    glad you guys are ok I loove chunky babie, shes so cute !! She must be so
    off thr baby weight chart they use in the clinics but i think you were
    blessed with a healthy baby im sure she will simply grow taller and her
    weight will be distributed proportionally really soon 🙂 and happy birthday
    Dia cant believe its been a year already <3

  2. ImperfectMommyChaos

    awwww, Happy Birthday Dia!!
    Oh wow! Owen’s 30 inches tall and 23.2 pounds at 9 months!
    Baby kisses we’re so sweet! <3
    Glad you both we're ok after the fall on the stairs!!!
    You can try giving her almond milk instead of cow milk?

  3. EandKP Vloggers

    Happy Birthday! She’s a big baby! Kassiyan was 24 lbs last time we were
    weighed ! He has been running since 10months old tho. Lol our babies are
    about 6 ish weeks apart! She is so cute! The kisses are adorable. Good for
    you for breastfeeding! So many doctors give misinformed info about weaning
    and what not. Keep it up! You’re a smart mama! I’m glad you are okay! I
    fell with my baby when he was 2 months old. Luckily it was just a scare,
    and I bruised my tushy. 

  4. MayandJC

    Ugh, that’s so scary!! Sorry about your foot, hope you’re healing well!
    Glad baby Dia is okay, and happy 1st birthday to Dia!!! Still remember when
    you first announced you’re pregnant with her here. My baby girl will turn 7
    months tomorrow too! Time goes crazy fast!! xox

  5. Tara Allen

    Awe, what a sweetheart Dia is and all your babies are Gorgeous!!! Oh my
    goodness that fall..wow..so glad all is alright, but hope your ankle heals
    Soon!!! My little one turned 1 on July 24th:) Can’t believe 1 year our
    babies are!!! It’s SO cute to see my oldest son who is 7 play and hlp with
    his little brother..melts my heart! I hve a question I want to try and give
    Liam my 1 yr old strawberries and blueberries how do you give to Dia? Guess
    cut them in small pieces? LOVE watching all your videos and you look
    Amazing and as always Gorgeous…love love chatting with you and on FB:)
    Definitely sending Great thoughts your way!!! LOVE you all!!! Xoxo,Tara

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