25 thoughts on “2 Month Postpartum Update | Breastfeeding, Work and Healing

  1. Soozie 4Him

    Oh Dana, she is just BEAUTIFUL!! I love the little baby stage, and it’s so
    fulfilling to know that your milk chubbed her up to 12 pounds! 🙂 I will
    pray for your transition going back to work and it sounds like she’ll do
    fine with the bottle. Both my daughters who are moms work part-time and
    their youngest babies both had issues taking the bottle, even when they had
    been introduced to it early on. I wonder if babies adjust better to the
    bottle if the mom works full-time, so they get more practice at it? It was
    almost like they knew if they held out, Mommy would come home.

  2. Jennifer Hamelin

    Hi baby Daisy it is so nice to see you and mommy and thanks Dana for
    another great update and I see your little brother in the background. So I
    know this is gonna be an exciting time for you going back to work, so I
    hope it is a good transition and want to wish you all the best and thanks
    for the update, both of you both look great.


    questions one. What happend to your arm two do your kids go to daycare
    your looking awesome happy like oh yea more question how do you deal with
    going out or just getting everyone ready ? Organizing now with four kids
    how does it roll on now that you have four little ones 

  4. alisoninmommyland

    I can’t believe little Daisy is already 2 months old!!! Time is flying by
    🙁 Glad to hear you are both doing well. I had to pump when I went back
    to work also, but I have an office with a door so it worked out nicely. It
    is definitely very hard to do though – I feel your pain! Good luck with
    everything and I hope things only get easier for you with all 4 of the
    little ones! P.S. Baby Daisy hiccups are the cutest! :)

  5. AmbersFamilyof4

    I’m so glad that everything is going so well! I hate that you have to go
    back to work, but millions of women do everyday, so I know you’ll be fine!
    Daisy will be fine too!! She is sooooo cute!!

  6. Military Mummy Mackin

    She is adorable Dana:) Glad it is going well. I am interested to know if
    this is the usual length of maternity leave in the US? Only here in the Uk
    usually maternity leave is 38 weeks. Then again we work up until 37 weeks x

  7. Lindsay Sharp

    It’s so sad you don’t get a year off. In Canada we do although it has a max
    post of 25,000 for the entire year but it’s better that’s nothing and saves
    on daycare and baby gets to bond with mom. I hope the U.S.A.gets better mat
    leave. I can’t imagine doing all the pumping and work and maintaining a
    house at 2 months post partum. I pumped when I sent back when my little one
    was 14 months (we also get sick leave) and I pumped one per 12 hours of
    work cause it was to hard to find the time to do it more. But good luck
    sends she is very cute

  8. GemmaTimes

    Oh her face is so sweet I just want to give her lots of kisses! Great
    thought on the relation to stress and supply issues. I would definitely
    agree being more relaxed has got to help

  9. Simple Living Mom

    So glad everything is going good! She is getting so big! It’s so crazy how
    fast they grow. My youngest is an angel compaired to my tiddler. lol! I
    never noticed how crazy she is until My son was born and he is sooo laid
    back. Keeps me on my toes. Neither of my kids took pacifiers. It’s funny
    though, the only time they took it was when my husband gave it to them. I
    think they can smell breastmilk and wat that instead of the pacifier. lol!
    Your hair looks cute! 🙂 Ok this comment is getting crazy long. haha

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