25 thoughts on “4. OCD Treatment: Understanding “Intrusive” thoughts

  1. Keith MacFarlane

    Thanks a lot for the video. Your good at what you do, keep doing it. Just
    curious if you believe in Pharma drugs for healing or more for counseling
    or other methods? Thanks again.
    ~ Bless. 

  2. Fintan Larpoon

    Hi Katie. I’m really grateful for these videos. There hugely informative
    and you explain things really clearly. You have helped me out. Thank you 

  3. Nat Mey

    Can I ask something? I’ve had Generalized Anxiety Disorder for 22 years
    with panic attacks. I’ve have some episodes of OCD but not for many years.
    Is it possible for OCD to sometimes come and go with GAD as the GAD gets

  4. Energetics tests

    I’ve read you either observe a thought or control it. The more you try to
    observe, the less you control it. Can a person with the condition strap on
    a ridiculous/funny thought on each intrusive thought? 

  5. TheNouveauxdecadence

    I have had intrusive thoughts, thoughts that TERRIFY me and make me
    question what kind of person I am, They control me so much that I end up in
    a mess. I am only understanding very recently that for all the mannnny
    decades I have paid attention to them it has grown stronger. While watching
    this video I was getting very emotional as intrusive thoughts and
    annalysing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING had totally crippled me. It is very hard
    to just like the thoughts sit but I know this is the only way to get some
    relief. It’s like f you watch a horror film every night before bed you are
    going to dream scary things ever night. I have spent from a kid up until
    now in my late 30s paying attention to thoughts and this is why i am in
    SUCH a state now. I will keep trying these methods which I started doing
    before i saw this video but your videos do confirm what I have been trying
    to do :-)

  6. VanneyVansz

    Thank you!!!! I have intrusive thoughts everyday! It drives me crazy &&
    gives me suchh panic attacks thinking its me whos thinking such things, but
    this really took a lot off my shoulders (:

  7. Bob Moffet

    Hi Katie, I cannot thank you enough for these videos. Over the past few
    days I’ve had some form of anxiety breakdown and subsequently I’ve been
    left with horrendous thoughts, I’m employing your techniques by letting the
    thoughts ‘be there’ however afterwards, once they’re gone I get crippling
    guilt and I get so angry at myself for thinking such things. If you can,
    could you explain how to overcome this guilt please.

  8. puppy cat

    Thanks Katie, when I have a thought I consider important….( this starts
    from the moment I wake up till when I go back to sleep), I go through a
    ritual as sort of asking permission to excuse it by a feeling of relief.
    I’ve had this problem since my teens and now 55. Thanks for putting it all
    into easy understandable teachings. I will apply what I’ve learned.

  9. Irania Delgado

    Hey Katie,well for the l last month or so I’ve been trying to control my
    anxiety i barely found out what it was just these last couple of days. I
    also find there is a connection with depression and it makes it harder to
    treat. It is also hard to make my parents understand the logic behind these
    disorders, and I’m having a hard time trying to understand why i get this
    way. May, if you can do a video about how to treat depression and ocd. 

  10. Michael Shoaff

    My OCD problem has been really tough. I worry about knowing or forgetting
    things. I will hear something and think “I do not need to remember” But it
    pops back into my head and as I realize I do know it then I fear forgetting
    it. In using exposure I am not sure how to do it. Should I try to eliminate
    trying to remember things when the thought pops into my head? Should think
    of some of my problem thoughts briefly but not remember them? It is
    difficult because the thoughts happen so fast it is hard to know what
    really happened.

  11. Online Therapist via Skype

    Thanks. I agree totally, that the thoughts are not the problem, it is the
    relationship we have to our thoughts, and for most of us that relationship
    is unconscious. Things really begin to change when we build a conscious
    relationship based on friendliness (never aversion) to our intrusive
    thoughts. It may sound counter-intuitive, but aversion only feeds the
    problem of OC thoughts. This is a very important principle in Mindfulness
    Therapy, which I teach online.

  12. Jonilse Lim

    hi katie, i would like to check with you. Is it having the thought of
    swallowing saliva is one of the symptoms of OCD. im been swallowing saliva
    for every few minutes with my focus on my mouth. How can i stop this?
    please help. thanks

  13. blunty1

    Hi, thanks for your videos. I’m being treated by a world wide specialist
    using index cards. writing down the thought, (the spike) and reading the
    card ten times a day. So my brain becomes not so sensitive to the thought,
    so when I get the thought, I don’t respond. My brain has permission to
    spike about anything it wants. how does that sound? anything else I can do
    in your opinion for treatment? and off subject, what kind of relationship
    counselling to you offer? thanks

  14. Dapala00

    Hi Katie, very good way of explaining things.
    I’m curious as to what your thoughts are on obsessive compulsive
    personality disorder?

  15. Daniel Walks

    Hi Katie d’Ath,
    It seems that OCD can be so strong that it can make ideas seem totally real
    that arn’t, the only way i know it isn’t is by deleditamising it by knowing
    its 100% illusional (or whats the right word) delusional almost. Now i
    have to be careful that that process is not a compulsion, it would be a
    long time ago. So the idea surrounds the something/ nothing dilemma- why
    is there atoms, existence and not nothing? is this simply not a stalling
    idea in the slightest to everyone; is it still ocd? not the usual obs, i
    know ;), thats if it is an obs you see, it may not be its always been a
    bit differen’t. or is it actually differen’t? maybe its just as hard as
    the rest of the ocd to delegitamise like when the feelings / thoughts
    everyday things are strong. The reason i thought i’d mention this is
    because i have had good therapy. But confusion remains with this idea that
    is of pretty legit concern no? and so does the core which has always felt
    differen’t. I don’t hear voices or think theres anything there that isn’t,
    but this ‘core’ i describe feels almost delusional -outta being able to

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