8 thoughts on “5 month postpartum update- AF is back, Jonah is rolling and wonder weeks

  1. DreamWizard9

    Thanks for the update! So great!!! You look good! <3
    The little guy is already almost half your height! 😀
    Yes, more videos please! 8D

  2. Hello Olson

    He’s so cute Mama!!! He’s getting so big too ♥ love your updstes, I know
    I’m behind on mine, gonna try to get one up today as well. ^-^ you look
    great by the way. Your my fav youtube mama!

  3. trina sweety

    He is getting so big he is a beautiful handsome little boy and you are
    looking good to mama it’s good to see you back I will love to make videos
    with you on trying to lose weight that way I can see what you’re doing and
    it can help me out also I’m still having a hard time with my weight all
    this good food out here you can’t help it hot dog ice cream elephant ears
    from the carnival BBQs picnics so its so much.. Me and you should start our
    weight loss journey video together if its okay with you I would love to see
    what you are doing for calorie count. And what meals do you eat and how you
    cook them. You take care you and that precious baby boy

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