2 thoughts on “Busting the OCD stereotype

  1. Ginger bread

    U can’t say that colour organising sweets is not a thing people with ocd
    do, because in some cases,more extreme cases it can come to the person
    doing that . Not everyone’s ocd is the same so u can’t say what is Ocd and
    what’s the stereotypes because u don’t know everyone with ocd. Also
    Wikipedia is a very unreliable website and doesn’t have correct information
    on it. Just an idea, I actually turned off the video when u were trying to
    think of an example Cuz it was just boring, u could either edit that out or
    script ur videos to avoid unsubscribers or other negative comments. 

  2. Glitter99x

    Cannot reply to you gingerbread, you don’t have the reply option. I never
    said they don’t do it, but what you are missing is that everyone, ocd or
    not can have a ritual, but organising things is not OCD defined. As I have
    pointed out there is SO much more to it than that stereotype, I think
    you’ve missed the point entirely. If you switched off the video, and did
    not watch it all why comment, you’re making yourself look stupid. With my
    videos, I don’t script them, I don’t have time for that. I don’t plan to.
    My subscribers have been loyal to me for quite a long time, if they
    unsubcribe, unlikely, but so be it. I’m not going to edit the thinking part
    out, just because you think it is ‘boring’. It’s not all about you.
    Negative comments can come if they want to, that’s what youtube is about
    hun. You rarely get a good comment. I am me, I don’t change for anyone.
    Like it or lump it. 

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