8 thoughts on “DISCUSSION: Postpartum Depression / Baby Blues (Wing-Yi)

  1. peaches3450

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. You seem like such a thoughtful
    and caring mama! My son is 13 months now and when I think back to when he
    was newborn I went trough a lot of the same things as you. Only I had lots
    of anxiety. I was overcome with fear and worrying and could not stop
    imagining him falling from a high surface. I was so afraid I or a family
    member would drop him or he would somehow roll off the changing table or
    something. It scared me so much (I have a fear of heights) an

  2. peaches3450

    (continued) and sometimes I was just frozen in fear and couldn’t do
    anything. My husband and mom really helped a lot, and talking to my best
    friend who truly understands me let me know i wasn’t crazy! Thankfully
    breastfeeding came pretty easy and he got into a routine of sleeping (not a
    lot but at least consistent!) and those feelings subsided after about 6
    weeks. I think it had a lot to do with hormones and feeling isolated as a
    new mom. Glad to hear you’re feeling like yourself again 🙂

  3. lilpiggy742

    I actually put up my story of PPD on my channel b/c the same thing..i
    couldnt find anyone else’s experience with it. I had it bad with my oldest
    and now that i just had my 2nd,i still have some baby blues. Its so
    difficult.I too would swear he was crying..and even with this baby i get
    that too. But ifyou want to know about my experience you should seemy
    video..sometimes its nice to know that you arent the only person to have
    gone through it.

  4. Just Joanne

    I had PPD pretty bad, and some of your experiences actually brought me to
    tears because I remember how I felt. On top of depression, I had major
    anxiety. It was hard. I was depressed for months, and sought the help of a
    therapist. It took me 6 months to beat the depression, but my anxiety still
    looms now and then. Thank you for sharing this, and sharing your story.

  5. The411Mommas

    awww Thank you for watching and sharing your own experience with me. It
    sounds like you went thur the same thing I did, I also had so much anxiety
    the first few weeks. These are the thing people dont tell you while you are
    pregnant. So glad to hear you have so much support during your time. We
    mommas have to share our stories to help each other 🙂 and thanks for

  6. The411Mommas

    I will watch your video right now! Thanks for sharing. It’s so true…. its
    good to feel like I wasnt the only one going through it. So sorry to hear
    you are going through it now, please feel free to message me on my personal
    youtube account. After going through this, I want to help anyone I can.
    Feeling alone was the worse feeling Thanks for watching ~Wing-Yi

  7. The411Mommas

    First of all, Thank you for sharing your experience. you did the right
    thing to seek help from a therapist, I know from experience that it takes
    alot to actually seek the help… (because I couldnt do it). Thank you so
    much for watching. ~Wing-Yi

  8. Just Joanne

    Thank God for my mom, because really she told me to do it. I really
    couldn’t think on my own. It was her who found me someone who specializes
    in PPD. She was a godsend.

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