25 thoughts on “Hell in My Head: Life with OCD

  1. Tsrif Tsal

    Tim, I’m a 15 year old male with OCD and share the pain of Pure-O. At my
    peak around summer last year, I was spending entire nights and days on an
    internet forum checking whether I have *insert different horrible mental
    disease or characteristics here*. Life can be hell with OCD, but I’m happy
    to say that, with the assistance of other sufferers, there are so many ways
    to control these horrible thoughts, as difficult it is to ‘train’ yourself
    to do so. :p

  2. Hrodland666

    Holy crap, you never cease to amaze me with your content Tim. You made me
    realize that I’ve developed OCD over the past few months. In November, I
    thought I was having a heart attack after a caffeine overdose (silly, I
    know), but I was so afraid that I was actually going to die that I was
    consumed in fear for months. Even to this moment, not a single day has
    passed where I wasn’t legitimately afraid of dying at least once a day.
    It’s gotten better, but for the first two months it was completely

  3. Kunggreen

    Depression and insomnia can in 95% of cases be linked to nutrition +
    lifestyle. There are ways to fix it (perhaps fix is the wrong word, but you
    can aleviate it until it eventually goes away), but first of all you have
    to accept that conventional MD’s are extremely incompetent when it comes to
    treating your suffering, because they always treat the symptoms, but never
    the cause. I’m not saying this couldn’t be a psychological thing; but visit
    Drhyman.com, for a trained functional-doctors opinion.

  4. rrsavage

    Hey man, I appreciate you sharing your story, but I’d much rather you
    message it to me than post 100 comments in a row lol. If you message me,
    I’ll read it. I promise.

  5. Kunggreen

    [continuation] A lot of this happens naturally through maturing (believe
    me, high school is going to seem so distant and irrelevant 10 years from
    now), but it can benefit you a lot if you start working on yourself
    actively as well. This isn’t just giving your body a good diet and
    exercise, you’ve gotta flip the switch in your mind that focuses your
    energy on negative thoughts and patterns. Elliot Hulse is an amazing guru
    on personal improvement, physically and mentally, “strengthcamp” on UTube.

  6. Benja Canada

    Thanks for all the positive influence, friend. I’m not suicidal so theres
    no need to worry about that if you are. I just cant find the light at the
    end of the tunnel. Oh well, life goes on.

  7. gb23

    Ha, that’s a laugh, I found Elliott Hulse two weeks ago and recommended him
    to Tim. So far I’ve listened to about 200 videos. I like his attitude. I’m
    not sure about this one life thing you say. But yeah it’s not good to spend
    anytime feeling like you are on course to crash, unless you think you’ll
    enjoy crashing and it will be worth the crash.

  8. Joel Marinelli

    Of ur expierences as a child when all u rlly need dude is a real
    relationship with God that you as an independent man try as yourself and
    make things right with him and get ur own image of him not what people when
    u were young placed in your mind as him, the thing is is ur turning to the
    world to deal with worldly problems becuz u reject God and therefor u do
    not have that reliability that to be truthful Man U need ur trying to
    tackle this world by urself n have all these problems man and u can

  9. southieal

    I have the same type of thoughts and researched the same thing about serial
    killers and sociopaths. I also often think about driving head on into the
    other lane of traffic and all kinds of other things that I would rather not
    type. I can talk to people but the whole time I think oh no what are they
    thinking, do I sound dumb, what are thinking about, are they thinking I
    sound stupid etc. I have never told anyone this I am glad I saw this video.
    Thank you.

  10. TGreyhair

    Hi everyone, it’s a terrible one to have and day to day living can be a
    nightmare. I decided to write a small book about my experience although I
    do worry that it might trigger other peoples thoughts. (Obsessive
    compulsive torture,Chipmunkapublishing) There are great charities out there
    who can help out.

  11. murphy3434

    OCD is pure hell. I have never been diagnosed but this is how my brain
    operates. It sucks. Meditation helps. It takes practice and isn’t a
    quick fix. I am better now then I have been in a while. 

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