25 thoughts on “Inappropriate Thoughts and OCD / HOCD / PureO During Anxiety Disorder

  1. mikelsenx

    Thank you so much, your a true angel. I bought your program, but havent
    started on it yet. Im think im affraid to find out it dont work or what
    i’ll do if it does. But your videos like this means alot.

  2. CharlesLinden

    Irritability is very common in anxiety conditions. It’s a very frustrating
    disorder and also, excess adrenalin can cause feelings of aggression.

  3. CharlesLinden

    These thoughts worry so many people poeticfeet but when it becomes clear
    how they are caused and what to do about addressing them at their root, all
    is well. Take care.

  4. Kristiniskool

    How are you supposed to just stop anxiety? And are you saying that simply
    ignoring(not argueing with the bad thought) the innapropriate thoughts will
    make them go away?

  5. Isabel Mendez

    of my life, I felt completely alone. I know it is not all in my mind on a
    rational level but I just cant shake the feeling and my biggest fear is
    never being 100% certain that the world is real. Have you ever had someone
    completely recover from a doubt like this?

  6. elchessboy0wnzuagain

    Hi Charles.. Is ALCOHOLISM a form of anxiety? Can that be cured? Like you
    said..medication or psychotherapy will not cure you..that’s why i wanted to
    know if alcoholism can be cured by your methods.

  7. supersapphire

    holy crap. lately i have been getting severe inappropriate thoughts.
    hurting other people for 1. that scares the hell out of me. like as if if i
    fall asleep im going to sleep kill someone. its actually kind of humorous
    now that i think about it. like i realize how ridiculous that is. but the
    scariest one, is imagining my deceased aunt from hunningtons disease in the
    room trying to kill me for some reason. she loved me. its so opposite. your
    not alone.

  8. momoville100k

    talk to your doctor about Fluvoxamine i take it and it seems to work it is
    in the same catagory of anti depressents but is not actually one it treats
    OCD and does work and odes not have the same side effects that other drugs
    like paxil zoloft i also use Klonopin its like Xanax but works longer on
    the body and helps with the Anxiety i have been on it for two weeks now and
    i feel alot better

  9. Daat Keter

    This video is such a relief, thank you. I noticed as Iv’e gotten older my
    anxiety has gotten worse on the mental but the physical symptoms have

  10. CinematicMaj

    Thank you Charles!! I am trying to work things out myself but I do keep
    coming back to yer videos here as a source of comfort. Thank you for doing
    this for us.

  11. Burre Ifort

    Hi Charles, I have these strange thoughts: I look at my youngest doughter
    and I visualize her as an alien. I know she is not an alien :), but I
    cannot remove it from my mind’s eyes. What kind of thought is it? Another
    thought that I had was that I am being punished by God. Sometimes I even
    believe it. Another thought is and this is just recent that someone might
    be reading my mind. For a moment I really believed it and my anxiety went
    up. What kind of thoughts are these? Are these thoughts schizophrenic ones?
    Please reply as soon as possible.

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