7 thoughts on “Intrusive Thoughts & OCD – Breaking the Silence

  1. Ovle Love

    Thank you for sharing your story in this amazing video. I know how hard it
    is to make a video like this. I hope you’re doing better- in time my
    thoughts did go into remission for the most part with medication- but it’s
    an experience that is so difficult to describe to someone who has never
    lived through this hell firsthand. You are incredibly brave. And yes, the
    silence around this topic definitely is something that needs to be broken.

  2. dallas thekid

    hey man, thank you so so so much for making this video, its very brave of
    you. i suffer from it too and it can be so so horrible, it really is like
    being tortured. i hope it gets better for you, i wish peace and happiness
    for you. stay strong

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