2 thoughts on “Last Chance Saloon (Part 5): Post-partum psychosis and motivation

  1. Mosaic

    How does childbirth affect mental health?

    As Twink’s mood dips, his investigations lead to Professor Ian Jones and
    post-partum psychosis. Twink talks to Clare Dolman, a woman with terrifying
    firsthand experience of the condition, and starts to realise that different
    mental illnesses have similar features.

    Last Chance Saloon: Watch now and catch up athttp://on.fb.me/PLsEEv

    #bipolar #mentalhealth #depression #childbirth

  2. Mosaic

    “I just remember standing at the top of the stairs and seeing the beady
    eyes of this teddy bear at the bottom of the stairs all the time…”

    How does childbirth affect #mentalhealth?

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