10 thoughts on “ME AND OCD.

  1. eleanorreads

    Oh my gosh hannah I had no idea you had OCD. We’re all here to support and
    to help you though it! We love you so much and I’ll help you in any way I
    can. You’re 100% worth it – thank you for being such an amazing friend and
    sorry if I’ve been making you feel uncomfortable in any way without meaning
    to. I would never want anything like that! 

  2. michellemellark

    Hannah, it was so brave of you to put this out there and that last bit made
    me cry aha. But you’ve clearly come a long way and you can always talk to
    us because we love you very very very much x

  3. kittykatgoroar4

    I get confused with whether some parts of my anxiety are OCD or just
    ridiculous anxiety – I have to know exactly where I’m going, exact routes,
    exact back up plans if anything goes wrong, how long it takes to one place
    and then the other and if I don’t know then I can’t go out and I feel
    physically sick.

    I also have a thing about touching things in certain places otherwise I get
    uncomfortable and dizzy, like I would have to touch my phone using a
    certain part of my hand but then it transfers onto TV like if someone
    doesn’t walk in a certain place then I have to go up to the TV and touch


  4. JazzyYazzyReads

    Hannah you are amazing, I’m so proud of you. You are so strong and such a
    believer and I’m glad you got to share this! I love you so much! Xx

  5. JazzyYazzyReads

    I’m sorry I have to comment again because this video touched me so much,
    and you are such a good person you don’t deserve this. Nobody deserves this
    but you are so strong and look at how far you have come! Only look up
    Hannah we are all here for you. I have been through some mental health
    illness’ myself and I know how it feels to be lost and alone and what it is
    like to come close but everyone can pull through and life really is worth
    living. I love you xoxo

  6. Bas Eversdijk

    Omg Hannah I’m so sorry for you, you don’t deserve this but just keep being
    so strong and amazing

    I have been to some mental ilness too and just keep trying! You’re doing an
    amazing job making this video and fighting against you’r ilness

    Stay awsome!!!

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