8 thoughts on “My OCD Story, Intrusive Thoughts and What I’m Doing To Beat It. Tips On How To Get Rid Of It!

  1. Brit Baron

    Saw this girl at the club washing her hand over and over for about 1 hour.
    The bathroom lady ask security to stop her but she said if they stop her;
    she will have to start over. They left her alone. Wow. Keep fighting

  2. pancevo4eva

    OCD. got me when I was feeling really down. I suffer from anxiety/panic
    disorder for the last 8 years. My advice to anyone that is experiencing
    anxiety, panic attacks is to get it treated A.S.A.P. See your GP. for
    advice. See your psychiatrist who can prescribe medication. Untreated
    anxiety can lead to OCD, (Pure O), like in my case. I wish I had my problem
    treated sooner. Do not suffer in silence, seek professional help! Please
    take my advice seriously! Anxiety does not go away on its own!

  3. Billie Rowell

    I suffer from OCD that causes anxiety and agoraphobia. I’m unable to
    actually say/type my specific obsessions, it makes it difficult to face and
    get help.

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