13 thoughts on “OCD FAQ: Is it normal to have increased anxiety when cutting out compulsions?

  1. c0naaan

    Hey Mark, right now I am in recovery and as I cut out my compulsions I
    experience periods of high anxiety. I know that anxiety is okay and I
    shouldn’t try to alleviate it, but it makes it hard for me to focus on
    things when I am anxious. I just started university and I don’t want my
    recovery process to harm my academic goals. Do you think medication is
    appropriate for me to help me in this situation?

  2. Moomoo Pat

    awesome dude. keep posting . you help keep me above this thing 😛 i really
    liked ur relapse video and stuff that was great and cleared a lot of up for

  3. Essa Hassan

    Is it possible that ocd can make me doubt like if doing something is a
    ritual but in reailty its not ? For example … I had a thought that tells
    me = talking or chatting with my girlfriend is a ritual so i have to not
    talk with her anymore … im accepting this thought and trying to argue
    with it but i find this really confusing.

  4. Joe Thomas-Williams

    Thank you Mark, this was really useful for me today. I think I even already
    know a lot of the things you said, but hearing someone else put it all
    together like that in that way helps me a lot, by reassuring me I am doing
    the right thing/ I am going in the right direction and I will get there
    eventually! 🙂 

  5. Essa Hassan

    Last night i read an article about pure o and mental rituals … and what i
    always do when a thought pop up in my mind i always say … “its ok to have
    this thought”… but in the article they say that saying this will become a
    ritual… so if i didnt say that what should i say? I want to know how to
    accept the thoughts… when i read that article i really got scared like
    there is no solution to this mess… but i still have hope… please help

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