5 thoughts on “OCD-Labelling thoughts

  1. Becca Cairns

    Hi Daniella-apologies-it wouldn’t let me directly reply to your comment.
    Telling someone can be very scary, I remember how terrified I was about
    telling my friends, family and psychologist about my intrusive thoughts. I
    began slowly and explained how I’d been feeling and the types of thoughts
    I’d been having. I definitely found it best to tell my psychologist
    first-as she was able to put my mind at rest from a more knowledgable
    perspective. This then gave me the confidence to speak to my closest friend
    and parents. Once I started talking it got easier-saying the words was hard
    but their reaction was so supportive. The thing to remember is this is an
    illness-this isn’t you as such and your family, friends, whoever you decide
    to tell, will remind you of this. I wish you nothing but luck and I promise
    you will feel so much better and lighter after you talk to someone-it takes
    the power out of the thoughts and all those things you thought you were or
    believed were true-suddenly become a little easier to deal with. Good luck
    and all the best x

  2. minty mode

    What I notice about scary thoughts, if you can change the way you feel
    about them,then its possible for the thought too lose its grip on your
    mind.. its the anxiety and fear that hold them there..

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