6 thoughts on “Post Partum Depression and PTSD

  1. Kay Choudary

    Hi I wondered if you were diagnosed with PTSD as a result of your son’s
    birth or did you have it before the birth? I am researching Trauma and
    postnatal depression hence my question. Thanks

  2. Jess Trask

    Thanks for sharing your experience with both Postpartum Depressing and
    PTSD. It’s making me wonder if maybe I’ve had PTSD the whole time.

  3. DB DeSousa

    Thank you so much for sharing. I have ptsd after child birth, the doctor
    violated me so badly, I say to everyone it was a medical rape, I never
    thought a doctor would treat a human being with such violence and
    disrespect, I was happy and healthy before the hospital, now I am miserable
    and trapped in that nightmare and lost control of the lower body. It feels
    like someone else is living my life. I pray God help us to overcome this.
    Thank you for your courage.

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