18 thoughts on “Post Partum Mood Disorder Awareness Slideshow

  1. APVillage Calgary

    Thank you so much for producing such a powerful piece. Our Village supports
    a lot of mamas who work VERY hard to parent from a place of love, respect
    and compassion. (It seems to us that we have a lot in common.) Yours in
    Attachment Parenting- Attachment Parents’ Village Calgary Society

  2. AZARIAH33

    Heartfelt and powerful!!! Great collaboration WAMF members. Thank you Amy
    and Jenn for creating this. I cried my heart out while watching (and
    afterwards) the video and KNOW that if the minimum result of watching this,
    is that people cry, people have been positively effected. Crying is often
    held back much of the time as to keep ‘strong’, but strength can be re
    energized, when you outlet emotion in a safe and acceptable manner.

  3. Jo Lee

    Very encouraging and heartwarming to see the time and effort put in by so
    many to let women see the faces of others who have suffered and/or are
    willing to help. I experienced PPD with my second child and used some of
    these same quotes as a mantra to get me though and resume positive thinking
    🙂 …feeling the love, nice job!

  4. HappyAnnaM

    Beautiful, powerful, connecting. I could have used this 5 years ago! It
    will help so many mamas (and dads – they can suffer too). Thank you all for
    your honesty, love and time.

  5. apx7000apx

    What a great video. Now I know if I ever kill my children by drowning them
    in the bathtub, it’s not my fault. Let’s shift the blame away!

  6. 666aaf

    This is about no one else feeling so lost and desperate that they do such a
    thing ever again. People suffering from post partum psychosis are sick and
    need help just like with any other health issue. They are loving parents;
    so loving that they listen to the voices in their heads telling them their
    children would be better off dead than in this world. Lisa Gibson asked for
    help and accepted treatment. Our care system and our society failed her.
    These deaths will not be in vain if I can help it.

  7. 666aaf

    No one is “defending” anyone. Obviously you didn’t watch the video. It’s
    not about Ms. Gibson, it’s about the sadness we felt that people get sick
    and don’t get needed help. It’s about PPMD and raising awareness so people
    know what to watch for and get support. We hope to prevent more deaths. If
    a father was suffering from a PPMD (they do) and made a fatally misguided
    decision I would absolutely still be working to raise awareness. Assuming I
    wouldn’t because of gender is ignorant at best.

  8. Sammy1

    Wow. Beautiful video..having suffer PPD and depression..anxiety and gotten
    over agoraphobia without any meds..this incan appreciate 🙂 Go Moms! But
    they should also do a video for men..and even my husband got the daddy
    blues when our daughter was first born..she’s now 3 and well ..I’ll leave.
    It at that 3

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