8 thoughts on “Postpartum Depression

  1. TeenMummy95

    I had my baby 6 days ago, and I was fine but recently i cant even look at
    her without crying my eyes out because I think shes not happy with me, is
    that postpartum depression?

  2. brittandkorey

    I’m so glad you made this video I’m not if I’m dealing with this or not.
    Cause I’m starting to feel a little better but the first two weeks I just
    cried and cried in the shower in be lol everywhere really and I love piper
    too death but when I would hold her some days I would just cry and then I
    wasn’t sleeping cause I was so worried about something happening to her so
    I didn’t sleep so I could watch her and then I’d cry even more. But I’m
    starting to feel better an only get sad very few days

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