1 thought on “Postpartum Depression: A Damaging and Depressing Experience

  1. Redbackbite

    I’m watching this and going yep that’s me, that’s me , i did that i have
    been realizing a lot lately that i am so obsessive and angry and saying
    sorry a lot of the time, I’m jealous and hard on myself and others in
    social situations thinking that they’re stupid, i’ve been so miserable my
    boy is the happiest healthiest cutest 6 mth ld but i’m always feeling like
    a horrible monster i don’t want to feel like a monster anymore…So there
    is hope it’s so hard out there i’ve been losing a lot of friends and
    kindness from people that don’t understand my struggle and all i’d been
    feeling lots of resentment and frustration and short with patience and
    ashamed… Ok that’s enuff you get the picture.. I’m glad i’m not alone.
    people say to me that i have it but i haven’t believed that they really
    know what they’re talking about they’ve just annoyed me.. 

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