20 thoughts on “Postpartum Depression What You Need to Know

  1. Sikros

    I occasionally get this sinking feeling in my stomach, like butterflies,
    but it’s absolutely awful. No matter how happy I am at that moment I
    immediately feel guilty, sad, paranoid etc and I have no idea what for. I
    now understand it must be a mental illness like depression because it’s
    random and the contrast in mood is just too profound to dismiss.
    Nevertheless I don’t think anyone would take me seriously if I tell them so
    I’m on my own.

  2. isa051978

    Hi, I am really sorry for what you are going through. Being a Mom is not an
    easy task, it isn’t always blissful, but please do seek the help you need,
    you should not suffer alone. If you need a friend, just send me your e mail
    and we can chat. Or if you are on facebook send me a message. It is
    important that you know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and
    you do not have to suffer alone. I send you tons of hugs, from one mom to
    another. Lots of love, Isabella.

  3. corkscrewcurls88

    I thought I was crazy I kept thinking that I would accidently throw my baby
    out the window or down the stairs…More dr should warn about this during
    the prenatal visits! Im glad I told my husband how I felt so he knew to
    help me. I thankfully didnt need meds.

  4. iraqidolphin

    Don’t wait two weeks if you are feeling homicidal or suicidal. Go to the
    hospital right away the same day. You will be helped.

  5. Catie Kilts

    @laurajdahl That is environmental depression that you have or even a little
    more, but this is chemical. Think of the saddest day of your life. A day
    where you opened your eyes and thought ‘noooo’ because you couldn’t bare to
    be awake. Where you can’t get out of bed because you have no energy or you
    miss someone…when you are like this you feel that way for no reason and
    it’s the scariest thing you will ever deal with because you can’t figure
    out why you feel devastated.

  6. Catie Kilts

    @Sikros I have felt like this and if someone doesn’t take you seriously
    then you have the wrong Dr. talk to a phyc. nurse or make an appointment to
    get a phyc. Dr. You have the right to feel happy and no one can take that
    from you, but remember no one will just give that to you. Take charge of
    your life you deserve it!

  7. Kayla Howell

    Postpartum depression is very real. What exactly are you trying to say it’s
    an excuse for? It’s a hormonal imbalance. And lots of people suffer from
    it. Most women are too afraid to tell anyone they are depressed at this
    point in time because they’ve just come home from the hospital with their
    bundle of joy and are feeling anything but joyful. You could never imagine
    how guilty that makes a person feel.

  8. kevnar

    My question is, is this something new? If not, how did mother’s survive for
    thousands of years? If it is new, why has it suddenly become a big issue,
    so commonplace? I’m not saying it’s not real. I’m just wondering whether
    this is something that’s recently sprung up or has it always been going on
    throughout human history. There’s something really scary going on in the
    world if just in the past 15-20 years suddenly this is a ballooning crisis.

  9. Cristobal Gonzalez

    yes postpartum is real i all so had trouble with this and it was scary i
    was confused at times i cried every day.i lost about 40 pounds in a month i
    could not eat at all i never had any thoughts of hurting any one or my
    baby.but my self yes i called my family and told them i don’t feel right i
    didn’t want to say nothing because i thought they would take my kids away
    from me or think i was crazy but for any woman feeling like this after
    haven a baby postpartum just tell some one family

  10. RabbitSlippersBlog

    Perhaps it’s just being addressed and brought out into the open more now.
    Lots of things like rape, “illegtimate” children, domestic violence, etc.
    were swept under the carpet and not brought up due to shame, stigma, etc.
    Knowledge and Education weren’t really available or were limited in the
    points of view of society at the time. As a child born in the early 60s, I
    got to see many changes on those topics as opposed to what is just accepted
    now as commonplace.

  11. tdubblz

    This shit is real. It’s even harder when your family and friends
    underestimate your situation and dismiss it like all you have to do is
    smile and pray it away. I don’t even like to talk about it to anybody
    because the few people I’ve tried to share this with react like I’m making
    a big deal out nothing. I realize with my rational brain that things can
    get better with time and treatment, and that most people just plain don’t
    understand. It’s even worse when your baby has died. God help me!

  12. Maryann Deweerd

    yes there is so much misinformation regarding depression…experts don’t
    even agree…..they wanted to take my nieces baby away too,,,, ya.. we did
    not let that happen,

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