7 thoughts on “Postpartum Mood Disorders: My story.

  1. Kristy Halteh

    I had this too thank you!!! I’ve been so scared to have another child
    because of this. I had the same thing as you bad thoughts,anxiety no
    depression, hullicinations. Omg horrible.

  2. Kristy Halteh

    Btw your a good mom I know what your going through. I was in silence for so
    long. Dealt with it for 4yrs with no meds . I wish I got help so bad. I
    struggled so much I thought I was going to die.

  3. Kristy Halteh

    Thank you!! I will check babycenter now. At the time when I had my daughter
    I had no freakin idea what it was until this past year looking on the
    internet stumbled across what I had. I already have ocd. Omg I hope you are
    doing well. The split second of that thought just makes crazy anxiety. I’m
    thinking about getting prozac, how is it working for you?

  4. Kristy Halteh

    Btw I had to hid knives in my house to. I couldn’t even stay at my house
    alone with her. I kept running to my in laws because u was scared I would
    do something . Then the panic attacks too. God help anyone that goes
    through that shit,

  5. Kristy Halteh

    Also my started 4 months in. The first few weeks I was ok. I remember over
    cleaning and always worrying about germs too. Not sure if you went through
    that too. I just know everything seemed to trigger the thoughts. Water,
    windows, knives etc. I think at times I was hullicinating too

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