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  1. Heather V

    Postpartum depression isn’t all about having hate or dislike of the child.
    I have postpartum depression but I don’t have any hatred towards my baby.
    All I had was the emotional roller coaster of crying and sadness. 

  2. JerseyMom38 JerseyMom38

    Thank you so much for posting this and sharing your story. I do beleive God
    puts people in your path for a reason and thats why I came across you.
    Because of you, I realized that I am not “crazy” and that what I was
    feeling is normal and women do go through this and things will get better.
    Like you did me, I am sure you are helping other mommies cope with this
    with your experience.

  3. jaynnanasmom

    Thank you for sharing! I had post partum depression/anxiety it was the
    worst two months of my life. I trusted someone from a clinic and they sent
    a very rude lady to check my house and my kids. I got very paranoid and
    refused to talk to a doctor. I prayed until one day I woke up and it was
    gone. Now I’m pregnant again and if was beyond scared. This time I realize
    I needed to talk to my doctor and asked for help. 

  4. Mommy2Phoenix

    Wow I never knew this was a thing. I always thought my thoughts were just
    me being crazy and try my best to ignore them. Sorry you had to go thru
    this but now u get to help others. I’m going to look further Into it
    because the thoughts I’ve had this time around seem so crazy never
    experienced it with my first….. Your so strong for sharing your story. 

  5. Jovanna&babies

    Ur amazing thanks for sharing, I didn’t know about this but it’s exactly
    how am feeling am struggling with this, now thanks to u now I know what’s
    going on with me I just though I was going crazy..:'( thanks for sharing 

  6. JUDYJOHN2007

    I seriously cant thank you enough for taking the time to make this
    video…I have tears rolling down my face! Ever since my daughter was born
    3 1/2 years ago i have and still feel like im not able to let her enjoy
    being a kid…I also always have bad thought of something happening to her,
    I hold her back from so much stuff all because im afriad… I dont even
    want her to start school because im afraid no one will watch her the way I
    do!… I turned her into a horrible eater all because i was always afriad
    of her choking…Ive always been afriad of telling anyone my horrible
    thoughts because i didnt want to sound crazy but you made this video and
    made me aware that this has a name to it and im not the only one…I have
    struggled so bad with this and I cant thank you enough for making me aware
    of it!
    Its horrible to ave bad thoughts or visions of your child being hurt when
    all you want to do is protect them…

    Thank you so much once again!!!!

  7. Skye525

    Your COURAGE and this video speaks VOLUMES!!!
    You’re an excellent parent and your hubby is too.
    He picked up you up when you were down – That’s a what I call SUPPORT!!!
    Wishing you and your family nothing, but the best xx

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