8 thoughts on “Postpartum OCD

  1. The Choice of Motherhood

    Hugs!! I have anxiety OCD, the higher my stress the worse it gets. I
    haven’t been public about it at all. My family and close friends know but
    beyond that I also don’t want to be judged. There is such a stigma about it
    and what people think it should be.

  2. Megan Roberts

    I always have those thoughts and visualizations of what could possibly go
    wrong! Ill be thinking “I’m going to do this” and then get a bunch of
    situations that could happen to the point that i completety avoid that
    thing i was going to do. I thought it was normal :/ Im a bit of a
    germaphobe too

  3. Ashley Bickford

    Try gripe water…my little guy has gas all the time and it helps him so
    much! You can give it to them very often and it’s very natural

  4. Angel Spencer

    I don’t necessarily feel like I have OCD, but I do feel like I’m for some
    reason still nesting big time. Things have to be clean. I looked around the
    other day and felt so stressed and overwhelmed by all the clutter because
    we haven’t had time to really clean the house lately. Baby is 7.5 weeks old
    now and I find myself constantly thinking about needing to clean the house
    and it drives me nuts because I’m so tired that I just can’t get to it all
    like I want to. I’ve actually started going on a selling frenzy, trying to
    sell off all the clutter on various buy/sell/trade Facebook groups for my
    city. I just want it out of my house.

  5. Making Memories

    I love your honesty and how real you are! This is something I had never
    really heard or read about so thanks for sharing. I hope it gets better for
    you. It’s crazy how much having a baby can affect you, and not just your
    body but your mind as well!

  6. mama betsy

    Wow. Thanks for sharing. I had the same symptoms after I had my daughter.
    The unsolicited thoughts was the major symptom for me. Those did calm down
    as the years went by. I am 4 weeks away from having baby #2 and have seen a
    slight uptick in the thoughts. I too thought this was normal mommy fears. I
    will keep an eye on this for sure. It isn’t happening all the time but when
    I do have the thoughts I get extremely scared. Thanks again for sharing!!

  7. Noelle Keyes

    I’ve noticed this as well since having my son in August 2013 and it’s still
    here. I’m due with #2 in about 3 weeks and I’m working very hard to keep
    myself in check. I’ve never done anything to put my child or myself at
    risk, but I definitely do the counting and get songs stuck on repeat in my
    head. I like things done a certain way and in a certain order or I start to
    get really stressed. I’ve been working hard on trying to let things go and
    put my focus into something else constructive like painting furniture or
    going swimming with my son. I totally get where you’re coming from and I
    think it’s just a personality trait that evolves once you become a
    mom…especially if you were a type A personality to begin with. 

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