25 thoughts on “PURE O, pure obsession, sexual or aggressive thoughts, OCD and anxiety disorders

  1. Eric Lopez

    Hello Charles Thank you for this video now i know im not crazy! 1 night i
    got scared in my room because i thought i saw a ghost (which was the car
    head lights reflection on my wall) and i had awful thoughts of gouging my
    eye out? I got really scared cause it felt so real like i was going to do
    this. Everytime my eye itched and i scratched it i panicked. Eating was the
    worst when i used a fork i even felt depersonalization during the
    times.These days i have been feeling better although depressed.

  2. CharlesLinden

    Your preset levels of morality and spirituality should suffice! We are
    trying to remove INAPPROPRIATE anxiety NOT your appropriate emotions and
    reactions. Removing your inappropriate anxiety will simply return you to
    your ‘birth preset’. Charles

  3. swiv2d

    I’m not sure about having this probelm but all I know is that I’m
    constantly thinking and get thoughts about my bad things happening to my
    family I imagine that my brother is suffering in some way that my parents
    are suffering or that I’m hurting some kid does that put me in this

  4. CharlesLinden

    @XxxNuMbxxX0301 the high anxiety causes these thoughts, not the other way
    round. High anxiety causes ‘what if’ risk assessment thoughts, these cause
    the inappropriate thought processes. They are all normal, if disturbing
    symptoms of high anxiety. Charles

  5. CharlesLinden

    @pulsating123 If you do it correctly from the ‘get go’ it can happen in
    hours sometimes. It is all down to compliance BUT one thing is 100%
    certain, it is the ONLY cure for high anxiety conditions, so either DO IT
    or DON’T… it’s everyone’s own choice. Charles

  6. awv12345

    Someone please help me. I’m almost certain I have Pure O, and it’s driving
    me insane. I think a disturbing thought, and it will keep coming back. I
    just can’t let go of these things. I’m also having the questions in my mind
    like, “What if I have this? What if I can never get these disturbing things
    out of my mind? Will this drive me completely insane? Am I depressed?” I
    keep thinking I’m a terrible person.. Are these really signs of Pure O?

  7. CharlesLinden

    @RainbowYoga2011 There is truly no need to be afraid… I have helped
    thousands of people with the exact same thoughts and believe me they are
    harmless ‘what if’ anxious risk assessments… they will go s you eliminate
    your anxiety! Do my program!

  8. CharlesLinden

    @victoriavanfsg Yes that is absolutely normal in Pure O… I had those
    thoughts too and thousands of my clients have also had them. I promise you
    this is normal and is rooted in the underlying anxiety!

  9. CharlesLinden

    @TheTombonater007 I advise you stop pointless therapy and do my program
    Tom. I know how to cure Pure O and MY staff are qualified psychologists and
    psychotherapists who have helped tens of thousands of people. Trust me, you
    won’t find a more qualified experienced team. Take care.

  10. Annie A

    Thank you this is a really good video, really well explained. I have been
    diagnosed with pretty much every anxiety disorder there is, recently I was
    hospitalized. I am on medication but really what has helped me the most is
    mindfulness meditation. I have worked so hard for years on trying to get
    better, I have had 2 suicide attempts in the past because of the intrusive
    thoughts. I know I will have anxiety for the rest of my life but it can
    become manageable.

  11. VeraLadaneStar

    Hello, I clicked on the link, and it didn’t take me to anything but a bunch
    of ads. Your video makes so much sense, can you send me the info for your
    method, please I need help, I want to be happy and healthy and beat and
    overcome this.

  12. lollipopfighterr

    Charles, i have horrible thoughts like ‘what if i really hurt my loved
    ones, or even killed them’ then i get this feeling of guilt in my stomach
    when think them! its scary, and i recently found out by my partner that im
    going to be a father and this NO way i want my child seeing me how i get
    sometimes. ive drove myself to the point where i get so scared i actually
    will do something, even though im a nice guy!! help!!!

  13. CharlesLinden

    You and all sufferers are very, very gifted and special. You have a genetic
    gift that will make you great. My Method teaches you how to switch off fear
    and access your gift in order to create the new, fulfilled and confident
    YOU. Take care. Charles

  14. CharlesLinden

    These thoughts, whilst intrusive and disturbing, are entirely normal during
    high anxiety. I had them too. I KNOW 100% how to get rid of them and I know
    that they are easy to permanently remove from your mind. My method will
    show you how to quickly turn off the anxiety that causes them. Mine went in
    under a day when I implemented the solution. Mine were more homosexual
    thoughts and I am straight, but sometimes they would focus on male family
    members which made me very confused. We’ll help you!

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