25 thoughts on “Suicide, Self harm and OCD

  1. barkerkaylee

    I too have had my fair amount of depression and self harm issues. I would
    stop showering and stop self catheterizibg myself and pull my hair out.
    Still do on a regular basis but work on it on a daily basis. I know how
    hard it is to fight the feelings. Stay strong.

  2. drunkenmonkey761

    Awwww thanks so much 🙂 yeah i totally get what you mean, my OCD is so many
    things but what most people see is numbers, germs and food. So i usually
    get the oh stop being so dramatic..or, get over yourself. What they don’t
    see is the thoughts of death and harm and intrusive thoughts

  3. dillowman_8

    Hi Emma, my name is Ryan and I’m from Canada. I just wanted to to tell you
    how brave and strong you are, not to mention beautiful 🙂 You look FAR from
    40! Anyway, I don’t have tourettes or a tic disorder, but I have dealt with
    self esteem and depression most of my life. The thought of suicide has
    crossed my mind many times, but I’ve never seriously tried it. I have taken
    an interest in Tourettes and tic disorders and are part of the reason why.

  4. orangesugarcube

    I went through severe problems with this as a teen. I think almost every
    teen has suicidal thoughts at some point. Actually being suicidal is
    different state of mind. As a teen it’s more difficult to realize that the
    bad times will pass, and ups and downs in life are normal. Hang in there.
    You’re not alone. Most of us have been there. <3

  5. Jesse James

    hope you haven’t lost your fight. its really good to see your videos. i
    have many of the same issues you do including the ocd and tics. keep up the
    good fight and stay with us.

  6. SnoWhiteSally

    OCD is exhausting, especially the intrusive thoughts. What do you take for
    your OCD? Also, Have you ever tried CBT? It never worked that well for me,
    so wondered if it had for you x

  7. TheNouveauxdecadence

    OCD has effected me for decades, I try to fight the intrusive thoughts I
    get in my head, they make me feel sick and evil. It’s like it’s another
    person but I am forced to live with it. Exposure therapy, medication numb
    but I know OCD and Bi Polar will haunt me forever

  8. Maia K.

    I found this video while looking for a song by Suicide Silence…. You have
    no idea how much it means to me when I see things that remind me that I’m
    not the only one who feels this way. Thank you so much. <3

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