25 thoughts on “When Mothers Kill, Postpartum Depression, Andrea Yates

  1. alanna4858

    Great video Dr Breeding. I agree with you completely. In this society we
    are so quick to attribute these things to so calleds. The Andrea Yates case
    was truely horrific. It raises a lot of questions about how the media
    handle these cases.

  2. Truthiness231

    Depression is one of the most damaging disease/disorders (which one it is
    is still debatable) that afflicts humankind. Having been through the
    horrors myself, twice with myself and a multitude of times by family
    members (it is transfered both genetically and environmentally), I’d say it
    is one of the most important things we can cure. Best wishes to everyone
    who goes through depression for whatever reason; my heart goes out to you.

  3. amyphilo

    John – how ironic that on the day you taped this, we had another shooting!
    NIU! I was sitting with my husband and little boys at the pizza parlor when
    the news came on. I hope everyone understands the seriousness of this.
    Also, if anyone can help me – please this is totally urgent – I need help
    with stopping a bill that will screen all mothers in the country and try to
    get them on drugs. See uniteforlife dot org

  4. ShawnD1

    Thanks for looking a this case and giving some time lines and lists of
    drugs she was on. It’s one side of the story I don’t remember hearing
    about, even though it’s fairly significant.

  5. alliepopsthecorn

    Some people like to be labelled as ‘sick’ (dumpsterdude27). I have to agree
    with this dude who never really introduces himself so I dont know what to
    call him; knowledgable professional who doesn’t prescribe to the normal
    school of thought. I like this guy a lot. AH! he has a name: Dr. John
    Breeding You Rock!

  6. IronWolfsShelly

    Bullshit. if this had been a father that killed his five children that man
    would have the death penalty by now but because its a woman, its
    automatically okay to let her use the PPD excuse. and Yep I’m a woman with
    children. four to be exact. three of them were in diapers and two of them
    were taking a bottle. Husband on the road. I was told I had PPD and ya know
    what My kids are still alive. Thie nation is to willing to give women an

  7. Kevin Khachan

    I find it terribly vexing how a woman can murder her five children and then
    bull shit her way through it will the PPD defense , thats FUCKED!!!! In
    closing if that was a dad who only murdered one of his kids for any reason
    , he would be strung up by his balls by society on a whole , not to mention
    what would happen to him in jail !!!! Fuck that murdering bitch … Merry

  8. kaneakeluh

    Aftre a 4-1/2 month taper off of 1 of these mind altering drugs,5 weeks
    later I thought I was losing my mind.Instantly,in a split second.That’s how
    fast it can hit.

  9. Renrat1982

    thanks for posting this video. i was diagnosed with post partum depression.
    because of the media every time i share my story with people they look at
    me like as if i drowned my baby. i hate the stigma that goes along with
    ppd. i love my baby and would throw myself under a bus before i do anything
    to him. i am taking an antidepressant along with a mild tranquilizer when i
    have my panic attacks. but i use the mild tranqs few and far between. so
    people use your brain and dont stigmatize

  10. Renrat1982

    i am so sorry to hear your story. do you think about the baby you would
    have had. i am not lecturing you i just read your post and my heart goes
    out to you

  11. 094644621

    @bunnyswann77 of course he did it seems everything was her job, and he was
    their to enforce the bible which i think was 1000 years outdated but he had
    his personal slave, and he is 40% guilty as far as I’m concerned, sadly he
    was to clouded with the bible and being superior to her. That he didn’t
    even notice it until it was far to late.

  12. MsDezzyzRayz

    It is very hard on men today. Women that are not strong enough to get
    pregnant without their husbands waiting on them hand & foot is rediculous
    Thats another subject though.As for this mother She Was Insane.If killing
    all of your kids is because your husband did not hug you enough we are in a
    sad state of affairs.There is a small percent that do have a Huge drop in
    hormone levels and they do need something to take temporarly I heard she
    was not given any med’s btw I’m against SSRI’s

  13. vannia3000

    I had postpartum depression, I was scared all the time,I was scared of the
    street,the ppl, the phone calls… I was overweight for 18ks …I was
    crying the whole nights..for months… but I always Always loved my baby…
    she was my light in all that darkness …I was 18. I took medicines and I
    get better…It was very sad…but you should be able to ask for help…
    when you have kids…you HAVE to ask for help…you have a responsibility
    beyond your own life…

  14. Bobbi Kendall

    Educate yourselves.CCHR.ORG. He is talking about nutritional depeletion. It
    is a real issue that can be measured by a blood test. There is no test for
    mental illness only checklists made up by the drug industry and psyciatrist
    to get as many people addicted to drugs as possible. After we have babies
    our bodies are depleted and stressed. We need good nutrition not
    psycotropic drugs.

  15. lovsdd

    Andrea didn’t “just” have post partum depression. She had post partum
    depression WITH psychosis! She was put on these medicines because she was
    catonic – not simply “depleted”. I am all for “sacred space” and male
    support but there comes a time when medicines are needed and helpful. One
    of the biggest faults lies in Andrea’s lack of mental health “care”. She
    was in and out of psych wards, different doctors, with incomplete info to
    provide proper care. Doctors should take park of the blame.

  16. Daniel Burdick

    For a mother to make Serotonin for her brain she needs to convert the food
    precursor 5-HTP with other things, Cofactors such as Zinc, Magnesium,& B6.
    “B6 is sadly lacking in processed foods and is destroyed by heat, it is
    easy to incur a deficiency.” mgwater co m Vitamin B6 helps nervous system
    functioning and hormone regulation.Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) is required for
    the synthesis of serotonin and norepinephrine and for myelin formation.

  17. the Martins

    You have never had a child and probably never had depression so please
    don’t judge. She had to be insane to do what she did. Without
    antidepressants I would be rolled up in a fetal position.

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