Being gay and christian

Look Inside. Apr 22, Minutes Buy. As a young Christian man, Matthew Vines harbored the same basic hopes of most young people: to some-day share his life with someone, to build a family of his own, to give and receive love. But when he realized he was gay, those hopes were called into question. Feeling the tension between his understanding of the Bible and the reality of his same-sex orientation, Vines devoted years of intensive research into what the Bible says about homosexuality.

King James Bible

Is homosexuality a sin?

I open the link to a black screen and the words of a little-known worship song. I can recognize the soundtrack of evangelical Christianity anywhere: the mechanical rhymes, the slow, plodding drums, the pleading chords before a choreographed release. Eyes close and hands lift as the music rises; the rhythms of repentance begin in minor keys. The room swells, a building chorus mingling guilt with relief.

Ask John: 'Can I be both gay and a Christian?'

As support for same-sex marriage has increased, other attitudes about homosexuality have changed as well. These opinions represent a shift over the past decade, even if in some cases the short-term changes have been modest. That is little changed since , but much higher than in the early s. Slightly more people now say they know a lot of gays or lesbians than did so two years ago. While large majorities of almost all demographic and partisan groups say they know someone who is gay or lesbian, there are differences in both the number of gay and lesbian acquaintances people have and in whether people say they have close family members or friends who are gay.
In the ancient world, same-sex behavior was widely considered to be a vice of excess that might tempt anyone, like gluttony or drunkenness. The Bible honors celibacy as a worthy calling, but it also makes clear that celibacy is a gift that not all have 1 Corinthians , Matthew In the Old Testament, those who were sexually different—like eunuchs and barren women—were barred from entering the assembly of the Lord see Deuteronomy But within the text of Scripture, we see greater inclusion of gender and sexual minorities: one of the first Gentile converts to Christianity was an Ethiopian eunuch see Acts
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