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Even though the Harry Potter books came to a close when the seventh entry in the series was published in , that hasn't stopped author J. Rowling from adding to the larger lore of her wizarding world. With an Olivier and Tony-winning play that will probably live on the West End and Broadway for all eternity, and the Fantastic Beasts franchise chugging right along, Rowling has figured out how to mine her fantastical brain for content better than any blogger ever could. How does she do it? I am so tired.

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I recognize that this is not the only place in which harm is being done. This letter includes talk of suicidal ideation, bullying and slurs. When I was a child, I was clearly extremely feminine. In the safety of my home, my parents were relatively accepting. They were liberals and figured I was going to grow up to be gay.

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As fans have pointed out in the aftermath, the Harry Potter series long ago left the hands of its creator and took on a life of its own. From fan fiction to social justice, Harry Potter fans have taken the books and films far beyond any simple story on page or screen. The fandom has a long history of reading between the lines to interpret and create new meanings and experiences for themselves and the characters they adore. There are few relationship tropes as popular as the enemies to friends storyline, and Harry and Malfoy certainly fit the bill from the very beginning.
While the Harry Potter series does have two canon LGBT characters, many fans have felt like other characters would have been better choices for representation. While Ginny ends up with Harry, a lot of fans felt like she would have made a great bisexual character. While Remus is never identified as queer and he marries Tonks, many feel like it would make sense to have him be bisexual. His close relationship with Sirius and the intensity of their reunion in Prisoner of Azkaban lead many to think they could be a couple.
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