Legal defense gay hysteria

An important change is happening in the presidential race — the belief that Mitt Romney could actually win is spreading. There is a growing confidence among his supporters, and the polls are starting to pick up a shift in his favor. There is another indicator, however, and it is far more reliable. The left-leaning media is getting hysterical, launching over-the-top attacks on Romney and moving to protect President Obama as they see the public turning away from their man. The New York Times, faced with the fact that its own poll showed 67 percent of voters suspect Obama supported gay marriage mostly for political reasons, buried the story on the bottom of Page And not until the 16th paragraph did it mention that the poll found Romney leading Obama by three points.
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Gay panic defense

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New Jersey bans 'gay and trans panic defenses' - New York Daily News

Or, they could distort the contents of the bill and attack anyone who disagreed with them as a legal Luddite and hysteric. On Bates Motel, Vera Farmiga masterfully transforms a would-be harridan into a new kind of protagonist: the sensual hysteric. In short, he was still perfectly maintaining that biblical "is he a prophet, is he a hysteric " look. The same holds true for the hysteric in whom also, of course, the subconscious takes hold of the inner life. This was followed by a bustle among the servants, and screams as of a person in an hysteric fit. There was a sort of glorying in its deep tone; it was not the hollow hysteric of shame and despair—it spoke a sanguine joyousness! Hysteric shudders were shaking her every few seconds, and her eyes were blinded with weeping.
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Lawmakers ban gay panic defense in Virginia

Deeply disheartening though it may be, the practice of labeling women "crazy" is alive and well today, and its roots are deep. As in, it's-been-happening-for-thousands-of-years-and-has-been-pretty-well-tolerated-by-most-of-society deep. Hysteria was the first mental disorder attributed to women and only women -- a catch-all for symptoms including, but by no means limited to: nervousness, hallucinations, emotional outbursts and various urges of the sexual variety more on that below.
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Skip to main content. Search form Search. You have a right to protest. Here's what you need to know. From Fear to Fighting Back.
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